Exam Policies

Administration of Exam

All exams will be held online and are to be taken directly from the student’s AlMaghrib profile. The profile will show details of the exam date, timing, and other relevant information. All students who have taken the seminar are responsible for checking their student profile.


It is FARD upon every student to take the final exam. Students needing a deferral will be required to follow and abide by the deferral process. Students missing their exam without an acceptable reason will not be granted another opportunity to take their exam.

Absence from the Final Exam

Students are responsible for knowing the time and date of the exam. Exam information is clearly available to each registered student in his or her AlMaghrib profile. Therefore, lapses in the knowledge of the above-mentioned information are not acceptable grounds for missing an exam. Deferred exam requests based on the above reasoning will be denied. Absence from the exam for any further reasons must be justified in writing with adequate documentation. Only missed exams due to serious illness, unfortunate family circumstances, or serious extenuating circumstances will be reviewed for a deferral. Inadequate exam preparation is not an acceptable ground for the request of a deferral.

A medical certificate must justify absence for reasons of serious illness. The student must submit this documentation to the Deferral Coordinator before final approval. Students who take their exam during the period of illness may not appeal the results of their exam on the grounds of sickness.

Absence for other serious reasons must be justified in writing. AlMaghrib Institute reserves the right to request further documentation or explanations before a deferral is granted. The Deferral Coordinator reserves the right to approve or deny deferral requests put forth by students.

Requesting a Deferral

Students must request deferrals through their AlMaghrib student profiles. The deadline for submitting deferral requests is the Friday before the exam by 12PM EST.

Should any other academic exam or major event conflict with the scheduled exam, students must request a deferral before the deadline. Please keep in mind that the preparation for such events is not a valid reason for an exam deferral.

Written/E-mail requests submitted on or after the exam day will not be accepted, with exception of extenuating circumstances. Students must submit proper documentation such as a doctor’s note, documentation of work, or proof of travel to the Deferral Coordinator. In the case of an emergency, students are responsible for notifying the Deferral Coordinator.

Students are responsible for requesting deferrals on their own. Requests that are made through friends or family will not be accepted.

Students will be notified via e-mail when their deferral requests have been responded to, and the response can be found in the student’s profile. Students are responsible for checking their AlMaghrib profiles to read the Deferral Coordinator’s response.

Deferral Date

Those who have had their requests approved must take the deferral exam within 7 days of the original exam date. Students may take the deferral exam at any time within the 7-day timeframe. Students who fail to attend the scheduled deferral without a justified reason will not be allowed to take the exam on an alternate date.


Hajj Policy

Students traveling for Hajj whose exam date conflicts with their Hajj trip are required to follow the deferral process prior to leaving. The student must indicate that Hajj is the reason for the deferral request and must include the date of return. The deferral department will then schedule the exam on the agreed upon date.


Students will receive their final grades for each seminar upon completion of the exam. The passing grade for AlMaghrib Institute’s exam is 70%, unless stated otherwise. Students who have not received their exam results immediately after submitting their exam should contact exam@almaghrib.org.


Should there be an assignment for a particular class, it will account for 15% of a student’s final grade.

Students will receive an automatic zero for cheating of any kind, including plagiarism. All sources used in assignments must be properly documented.

Retake Policy

Students who have received a failing grade on their final exam (less than 70%) and wish to pursue a credit have the option to retake a different version of the exam for the seminar. The student is required to pay a $35 (USD/CND) / £ 17 (GBP) administrative fee for the retake exam. To request a retake exam, students must log in to their AlMaghrib Profiles.

Retake exams are only available for 6 months after the original exam date.

Past Exams

Students who have taken a seminar but have chosen not to take the exam will not receive credit, and thus have ‘failed’ the seminar. However, students have the opportunity to take a remitted exam in order to adjust the grade. An administrative fee of $75 (USD/CND) / £ 45 (GBP) will be charged to take the exam. To request a remitted exam, students must log in to their AlMaghrib Profiles.

Remitted exams are only available for 6 months after the original exam date.

IlmRush Cardholders

Students who have an IlmRush Card enjoy a 40% discount on retake and remitted exams. To take advantage of the discount, cardholders need only to follow the usual process and the discount will automatically be recognized.